Pure Ducati Paddock Points

Pure Ducati Paddock Points

Points Make $Discounts

Paddock Points

Earn points on everything you buy from Pure Ducati and get a discount on your next order.

Every time you spend $10 you get 1 Paddock Point. 

1 Paddock Point is worth $1.

So spend $100 today and get $10 off your next order!

What do I need to do?

Just register and place your order in the usual way and your account will have points added for all purchases that you make.

How can I track my points?

Just log in to your account and you will see a statement of the points you have to redeem.

How can I redeem my points?

When you checkout your basket. Just state the number of points you want to redeem (you will be shown the total amount of points you have to redeem).

Earn extra points - write a review!

Earn extra points by writing reviews. We will award 10 Paddock Points for every product review we publish. (Review must include useful comments about the product and not just a rating.) Max. of 100 points per customer per year.

The Small Print

  • Paddock Points are only awarded for online purchases, not for orders placed via email or the phone.
  • Paddock Points are non-transferable, and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • Paddock Points are based on product prices and not on shipping and taxes.
  • Pure Ducati reserve the right to remove points from customer accounts where it deems necessary.
  • Paddock Points will only be awarded for reviews of products that have been bought from Pure Ducati and contain specific information useful to people who might be considering purchasing the product in the future.