Ducati Gift Guide

The Definitive Guide to making the Ducati Lover in your life happy.

How to buy the right Ducati Gift:
The High Risk/High Reward Approach – Accessories

Why high risk? Do you know what bike your lover rides? If not this route could be troublesome. Sadly not all Ducati parts fit all Ducati bikes. High reward? Well take it from us, if your lover rides - say a Ducati Hypermotard - and hasn’t yet got a full Termignoni system, you will be buying not just the accessory of their dreams, but 10 years of bankable favors.

So how do you go about buying the right accessory?

Follow this simple guide: Find out what bike your lover rides. This shouldn’t be that difficult. If in doubt visit our accessories page on and identify the bike. Alternatively, ask your lover’s biker mates. If they describe your lover’s bike as a ‘Hog’, you are probably in the wrong place. But as long as it is a Ducati manufactured within roughly the last ten years you are definitely in the right place!

Personal Shopper: We can provide personal advice from a real Ducati fan. If you need personal help in buying the right gift, just contact David on 954-788-9550 or on email (on our Contact page). Call David now!

Are you comfortably seated?

First, follow the clues. Is your lover built for (or inclined towards) comfort or speed? If you share your Ducati lover’s bike, then you might have shared the problem of either too high a seat, or one that isn’t comfortable enough.

Well here’s a good gift idea – a replacement seat. There are low seats, comfort seats and low and comfortable seats, and there are seats for riders, pillions and seats that are for both riders and pillions.

There are also racing seats. These are generally covered with Alcantara – a very clever kind of synthetic suede leather which ‘sticks’ to leathers. The last thing you want on a race track is to be slithering around on your seat.

And custom seats. This one is for the Ducati Scrambler. A bike that was created with individuality in mind – no two Ducati Scramblers should look the same. So there are three different seats for the Scrambler that are not only add some comfort, but indisputably add a lot of style.

Ducati Diavel Touring Seat

Yes The Diavel is about Bruiser Cruiser bragging rights At home downtown, at the beach or dragstrip, with this seat the hugely capable Diavel makes a pretty good tourer too.

Built for speed not for comfort - Ducati Panigale Race Seat

The standard Panigale seat is slippy. This is not a good thing at the track. You do not want to be sliding around when accelerating or braking. Neither will happen with the Alcantara covered Panigale racing seat.

Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle Seat

Scrambler seat upgrades give you more comfort and more style. Although this seat looks as though it has hard bodywork panels, the soft seat side is in fact cleverly and durably painted to blend in with the bike's bodywork creating a stunning look.

So how do I pick the right seat? Just use this simple problem solver:

Rider’s bum numb on longer rides+
Check the bike model and look for a seat with the word ‘comfort’ in the description.
Pillion rider’s bum numb on longer rides+
Check the bike model and look for a seat with the word ‘comfort’ or ‘touring’ in the description.
Rider on tippy toes at lights+
Check the bike model and look for a seat with the word ‘low’ in the description
Rider sliding around seat at track+
If your Ducati lover rides any of these: Any model of the 899/959,1199/1299 Panigale (also the Hypermotard/Hyperstrada) there’s a racing seat available.
I want my Ducati Scrambler to look more mine+
Pick one of the several custom seats avalaible.

Is your lover's Ducati loud enough?

If you aren’t a biker yourself this may seem like an odd question. If you are a biker then your bike can never be too loud. Other people’s bikes can be too loud (if you don’t ride a Harley then all Harley’s are too loud) but your own Ducati can never be too loud.

Of course judging whether your lover’s Ducati is loud enough is difficult for an amateur, but again we offer you this simple advice. Does you Ducati lover’s bike’s exhaust have the words Termignoni or Akropovic on it? These words are to Ducati lovers what the words Stradivarius mean to a violinist or Steinway to a pianist. They make beautiful music. If your Ducati lover is a total purist only a complete system will do. However, near elite noise status can be achieved with a ‘slip-on’. A ‘slip-on’ is what it sounds like. It’s the final part of the exhaust or ‘silencer’ (bit of a euphemism that), a full system replaces everything (including the catalytic convertor, so don’t do this if you or your lover are a tree hugger).

Ducati Hypermotard/Hyperstrada Termignoni Slip-on Silencer

Slip-on - As its name implies, not a complete system, but very easy to fit as attaches to existing exhaust plumbing.

Ducati Panigale 1299 Akrapovic Full Exhaust system

A minor work of art: Lovingly crafted in a unique Titanium alloy, TIG welded and saving 3.1kg – yes this exhaust costs the same as a decent used motorcycle, but so do many other works of art. . .

Is your lover's helmet stylish enough?

And – is it Ducati enough? OK we wouldn’t advise buying a helmet without a conversation first with your Ducati lover, but a new helmet that fits well could show your love and care for your Ducati lover in a number of ways.. There are basically two routes that the style-conscious Ducat lover can take: 1. A Ducati- themed Helmet. 2. The right colored helmet. .

Ducati Corse SBK 2 Pro Helmet

Movement is the key word to apply to the Ducati Corse SBK2 model. Inspired by speed, the layout gives ample space to the white and red colors and Ducati logo that frame the double visor Pro Shade System on the Chaser V-Pro shell, ensuring greater resistance and lightness for a look characterized by the high impact

Ducati Corse V2 Helmet

Boasting an aggressive look and unmistakable artwork, the new Ducati Corse V2 helmet designed by Drudi Performance exclusively for Ducati is made by Arai based on the RX-7 V model. It is the top of the line when it comes to safety, comfort, and performance.

Ducati Dovizioso Replica Blue Helmet

Represent your favorite Ducati MotoGP Team member with the Dovizioso Replica helmet. Made by Suomy.

Ducati Strada Tour V3 Helmet

Striking graphics with a decidedly aggressive look that enhances the Ducati brand. The Strada Tour V3 helmet is based on the Arai Tour X4 model.
All Ducati Helmets     Shoei Helmets

Gift Certificates

So what happens if you’re still not sure what to buy the Ducati lover in your life? Well fortunately there is another route.

You can still show your appreciation of their Ducati passion and let your lucky Ducati rider choose their own gift.

Simply select a certificate from $25 to $1,000 and we will do the rest. You provide the recipient’s email address and we will send them a code which they can redeem on Pure Ducati.

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What if I bought the wrong thing? Unlikely of course if you used our guide – but hey you know, things happen!

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